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Environmental policy – Dacia

The Dacia environmental policy observes the principles of the Renault sustainable development strategy. This has as its purposes the maintenance of the ecological balance, the decrease of the company activities' impact upon the surrounding environment and the observance of the environment requirements on the entire life duration of the vehicle, from the design phase and until the end of the use stage.

At present, all the Renault industrial sites are ISO 14001 certified, a standard that validates the progress actions of an industrial platform in the field of environmental protection. Dacia received this certification in 2005.

The company has put into practice a transparent and auditable environmental protection management. Within this framework, Dacia progressively implements the methodologies, instruments and standards for the management and for the decrease of impact upon the environment valid at the level of the Renault Group:

  • An environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 norm
  • The elaboration of a guideline in the field of environment that provides a 10-year term overview with regard to the evolutions foreseen for the industrial site from Mioveni; the release of new vehicle designs or modifications of industrial machinery
  • Investments for the decrease of impact on source: since 2003, at the Dacia factory there are installations for minimizing the volume of liquid waste coming from the mechanic processes
  • An internal and external periodical control
  • Training of collaborators: implementation of a program in the field of soil pollution, special trainings for workplaces exposed to pollution risks
  • An internal communication by means of the publications “Jurnal de Bord Romania”, the internal Dacia magazine, and "Ecoton", a specialized internal publication; an external communication by the release of an "Environment Statement" intended for the wide public and for the inhabitants in the frontager area to the Dacia industrial platform from Mioveni
  • A reporting to the Renault Group of the environment information certified by an external body

Read the Dacia Environmental Policy

The Dacia environmental policy and the investments for the decrease of the industrial activity impact upon the environment make the object of the corporate presentations given in front of the groups of visitors of the Dacia factories. For the groups of students and pupils that visit the factory the information is presented in more details, so as they can understand the importance that Dacia and the Renault Group grant to this field. Thus, in 2010, during the periods May-June and November-December, 535 students from universities in the country and abroad, such as the George Washington University from Washington, the Bucharest Polytechnic University, the Cluj Polytechnic University, the Timisoara Polytechnic University, the Pitesti University, and 196 pupils in the Arges and Valcea counties visited the factory, at the same time taking benefit of an overview of everything that means environmental protection at Dacia. At the same time, in the environment DOJO workshops, where there are trained the employees of Dacia as well, they were explained the ways to do the selection, sorting, collection and storage of waste and of chemical products.

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