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Dacia sold more than 550,000 vehicles in 2015

Monday, January 18, 2016
  • Romania: Dacia strongly raises its sales volumes and consolidates its leader position with a market share of almost 33%.
  • International: with more than half a million units sold on foreign markets, Dacia confirms its position of ambassador brand of Romania.

In 2015 Dacia registered a new trade record, with the sales volume reaching 550,920 units, 7.7% more than in 2014.

This growth was a result of the excellent performance of the whole Dacia range, with three of the brand's models (Sandero, Duster and Logan) recording sales of more than 100,000 units.

Continuous growth on the Romanian market

In 2015 Dacia saw the most impetuous growth in sales of the last four years.

With 36,946 vehicles sold (+24.5% as compared to 2014), Dacia consolidates its position of leader on the Romanian market, with almost one third of new car sales.*

Taking advantage of its full range, which covers the main segments of the Romanian car market, Dacia found the ways to seduce all client categories.

The programme for renewing the national vehicle fleet - Remat - proved again its usefulness in 2015. Dacia's sales through this programme, which mainly targets natural persons, rise to more than 11,500 vehicles.

Dacia also knew how to adapt to the needs of companies who own fleets, given the good positioning of its products and the attractiveness of models in the range.

New versions, limited editions, new equipment, all these made every Dacia model a leader in its segment in 2015. 

With more than 16,100 units sold, which means about 43% of total sales, Logan sedan remains the foundation of Dacia brand in Romania. In 2015 the Logan offer grew richer with a new top of range version called Prestige.

*) estimation

The success of Logan sedan was completed by that of the MCV version which stood out as the best sold station wagon car in Romania, with 3,111 units sold.

Duster ranked 2nd, with 7,271 units sold. The SUV in the Dacia range has benefited, since the last quarter of 2015, from a limited edition called Duster connected by Orange.

Sandero (including the Stepway version), dominates the B-hatch segment by far and, with almost 5,600 units, ranks third in the model classification.

Lodgy and Dokker models have also registered increasing sales in 2015, supported to a large extent by the success of the Stepway versions.

Dynamism on foreign markets

In 2015 Dacia continued to be on the offensive on international markets. A total of 513,974 cars were sold abroad last year, 6% more than in 2014.

Europe is on top in the ranking of regions, about three quarters of the cars sold by Dacia in 2015 being registered in Old Continent countries.

With more than 100,000 units, France is Dacia's first export destination. Its market share reaches 4.36%, which ranks it 5th in the top of most sold brands in the Hexagon, right after Volkswagen. Sandero's performance is worthwhile mentioning, which ranks 9th in the classification of the most sold models on the French market.

Spain ranks 2nd on the podium, with more than 55,000 units sold and a market share of 4.6%.

Germany ranks third, with more than 47,400 units sold, shortly followed by Italy, where almost 46,800 Dacia vehicles were sold last year.

In the United Kingdom Dacia sold almost 26,300 units last year, which places the United Kingdom on the 8th position in the brand's foreign market ranking.

Perspectives for 2016

Dacia will maintain and consolidate its leader position on the Romanian market, based on its full range and the quality of services provided.

The product offer will be completed by introducing the Sandero and Logan versions equipped with automatic transmission during the first quarter.

At the same time the upgrading process of the Dacia trade network will continue in 2016. 

* * *




Dacia sales per model in Romania


Units 2015

Units 2014

Sandero (including Stepway)

  5 562

  4 957

Logan sedan

16 119

11 349

Logan MCV

  3 111

  2 646


  2 003

  1 700





  7 271

  6 134




Dokker VAN

  2 183

 2 201


36 946

            29 625

Top 10 foreign markets in 2015





     100 035



       55 168



       47 453



       46 792



                            44 812



       40 688



       37 392


United Kingdom

       26 267



       17 000



       14 906

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