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Dacia Vehicle Plant produced 5 million cars

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dacia Vehicle Plant in Mioveni registered on Tuesday 6 May 2014 the production of 5,000,000 vehicles. The car delivered from the production lines is a Duster 4x4 model, Lauréate version, equipped with a 1.6, 16V, 105 HP motor, bleu navy coloured. It will be delivered to a client in Romania.

The production of the Duster model in the Dacia Plant in Romania currently stands for more than 50% of the total daily output.

Dacia Plant: 5 million cars produced in 46 years

Production year Round figure Model
1985 1,000,000 Dacia 1310
1998 2,000,000 Dacia 1307 (double cabin)
2007 3,000,000 Dacia Logan MCV
2011 4,000,000 Dacia Duster
2014 5,000,000 Dacia Duster

Dacia Plant was established in 1966 in Colibaşi, Argeş county, and the first model, Dacia 1100 (with R8 license), was launched two years later, in 1968.

Since 1999 Dacia became a brand of Renault Group and the upgrading process of the entire industrial system commenced. The Dacia Plant in Mioveni uses now the Renault Production System (RPS), one of the most modern in the world car industry. Based on the standardisation of work stations as well as of methods and operations, RPS contributed essentially to the increased productivity of the Dacia plant and to enhanced product quality, improved work conditions (particularly work station ergonomy) and improved environmental parameters. The Mioveni plant capacity is 350,000 vehicles/year.

In 2013, 93% of the plant’s output was exported.

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