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A competition version of Dacia Duster to contest the 2009/2010 Trophée Andros in the hands of Alain

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
  1. Dacia, a brand of the Renault group, is to contest France's celebrated Trophée Andros ice-racing series. The brand, which is acclaimed for the unbeatable equipment and performance package its models deliver for their price, remains true to its reputation by appearing in a discipline where its presence was least expected: ice racing.
  2. Alain Prost will drive a competition version of Dacia Duster. The Frenchman chose Dacia for the values championed by the brand's vehicles, namely simplicity, efficiency and robustness. "I am delighted to be driving the Dacia Duster. It is a brand new vehicle, and I am proud to be able to play a part in its promotion to the unusual backdrop of the Trophée Andros. Thanks to the work put in by Renault Sport Technologies, I have every confidence in Dacia Duster's potential and reliability which together point to an extremely exciting season," says Alain Prost.
  3. The announcement coincides with the revelation by Dacia of the name and design of the brand's sixth model, Duster. This robust and reliable 4X4 has an international calling and will target customers looking for an affordable everyday all-terrain vehicle.
  4. The Trophée Andros is a competition that stands apart in motor sport inasmuch as it places a cap on the use of complex and costly technological solutions, placing the emphasis instead on vehicle and driver ability. The Dacia brand has forged a reputation for challenging established thinking in the world of the automobile, permitting a whole new way to go motoring by delivering all the essentials… at just the right price.

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