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News in brief

Dacia Alternative Car Owner’s Manual received a Silver Drum at the 23rd edition of Golden Drum, the International Festival of Creativity which took place in 18-21 October in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The creative project was developed by Publicis Romania and presented by Dacia at Gaudeamus Book Fair in 2015.  Dacia and Publicis were awarded at the category „Publications” for transforming the technical car book into  the first owner’s manual that makes useful information fun to read and memorable.

Since 2010, every month, the halls of George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and Odeon Theatre in Bucharest fill up with children who attend musical programmes specially designed for their age, at the "Classic Is Fantastic" school.

The "Classic Is Fantastic" programme has two themes, "How to understand music" and "The childhood of great musicians", and it offers children the opportunity to listen to famous musical pieces, to recognise the works of great composers and, most important, to cherish classical music.

”Wild Carpathia” team started the shooting for the fourth episode of the documentary dedicated to wild forests in Romania. Supported by the Dacia Duster cars made available by Dacia car manufacturer, the British film team covered more than 10,000 km in Romania to film, starting last autumn and this winter.

A car company you've never heard of is reinventing a book you've never read
Source: www.uk.businessinsider.com ; Author: William Fierman

On Tuesday 7 July 2015 Capital magazine awarded prizes to the most important industry players within the Romanian industry Award Gala, held at Athenee Palace Hilton.

11 prizes were awarded for Romanian industry, in the following categories:

Dacia supports the 5th edition of the "Magic Flute" National Tour, which started on 11 June and will last until 27 June. Within this musical project organised and supported by Radio România, flautist Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu and pianist Horia Mihail will travel to seven cities in the country.

An audience of more than 11,000 persons participated in the performances given by artists within the Classic Is Fantastic project, during the season which ended on 7 June 2015, with the show The Childhood of Great Composers – Ludwig Van Beethoven, at the Romanian Athenaeum.

The second stage of the Romanian National Off-road Championship, which the organisers symbolically called "Wild Bear Trophy 2015”, was held in Piatra Neamţ between 28-31 May 2015.

The route prepared for the 21 teams in the Standard category was very well organized, with many tactical sections in the forest, mountain ridges and forested hills.

Children made drawings on cars at Odeon Theatre

On Friday 29 May, just before the International Children's Day, at Odeon Theatre, children drew paintings on Dacia cars at the end of the musical "Chopin's childhood" staged by the Classic is Fantastic team.

On 22 May 2015 Kamel Daoud, winner of the Goncourt List - Romanian Students’ Choice for 2014, was present in the capital city for a meeting with students from the University of Bucharest. In the evening he found time for a meeting with his fans, and then he went to the Lebanon and Algeria stand at Bookfest.

One of the events held at the Dacia stand within the 2014 Gaudeamus - Books for Education book fair was the presentation of Goncourt List - Romanian Students’ Choice, an event organised by the French Institute. The winning volume was "Meursault, contre-enquete" by Kamel Daoud.

Dacia and the “Tulip Symphony” continue their traditional partnership between the local car manufacturer and the best known dendrological-floral event in Romania. The "Tulip Symphony", now at its 38th edition, will take place between 26-28 April 2015 in the central area of Pitesti city and at Casa Cartii (the “Book House”). Every year thousands of people take part in this event, which has become in time one of the most important feasts in Arges.  

As of this year Dacia is the Official Car of the Wandering Piano Tour, in full swing now (22 March - 20 May 2015). Following the successful launch in Galaţi, Horia Mihail stopped in his hometown, Braşov, then  he went to Banat, in Reşiţa and Timişoara, where the audience fully enjoyed the resonance brought by the tour to their town. Right after Easter the pianist will go to Piteşti, Buşteni and Ploieşti, with the lovely romantic works in this year's repertoire.

Gopo Awards Gala, organised on Monday 30 March at the National Theatre in Bucharest, was dominated by director Nae Caranfil's film, "Closer to the Moon", which left the ceremony with 9 prizes. The prize for film direction, received by Nae Caranfil personally, was awarded by the chief executive officer of Dacia, Nicolas Maure. Another remarkable film which won no less than 5 prizes was “Quod Erat Demonstrandum (QED)”, directed by Andrei Gruzsniczki.

Dacia was awarded two prizes at the tenth edition of Business Review weekly magazine Prize Awards, held on Monday 2 March 2015 in Bucharest.

Nicolas Maure, chief executive officer of Dacia and general manager of Renault Romania, was awarded the title of “Business leader of the year” for 2014.

The second prize was awarded in the “Excellence in business” category for the whole activity of Dacia in Romania, as the country's first exporting company. 

Preparations for the Aïcha des Gazelles Rally are in full fling. The crew who will represent Renault Romania, comprised of Teodora Oprea (Financial Direction, Selling Cost unit) and Emilia Stoicescu (Engineering), participated in the training session in Morocco, together with 24 other gazelles from Renault/Nissan in France, Romania, Morocco, India, Korea and Columbia.

The eighth edition of the Club Duster Association Convention was held at Slănic Prahova last week-end, with more than 40 Dacia Duster vehicles and 100 persons attending. The general manager of Dacia, Nicolas Maure and the general director of Renault Commercial Roumanie, Jan Ptacek were also present alongside the fans of this beacon model of the Dacia range.

During the winter holidays period Automobile Dacia donated 7500 litres of mineral water to the Argeş County Council. The water was distributed to more than 30 centres for services for children/ persons with disabilities, day centres and care and support centres for elderly persons in Argeş county.

On Thursday 11 December the General Manager of Automobile Dacia, Nicolas Maure, was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of Mioveni town".

The distinction was awarded by the Local Council of Mioveni within a ceremony where the merits of the secretary of Mioveni, lawyer Maria Ştefănescu, were also acknowledged.

Nicolas Maure: "Thank you for your invitation to participate in this official meeting, I am particularly honoured of the title granted to me.

Dacia supported the 7th edition of the International Literature Festival in Bucharest (FILB), the most important international, independent literature festival in Romania, held between 3-6 December 2014.

The events within FILB 7 took place at Clubul Ţăranului, British Council, Balassi Institute – the Hungarian Institute in Bucharest and Cărtureşti book store (Verona). 

Cornel Olendraru, director of the Dacia Vehicle Plant, was awarded a prize within the Gala of the Cariere magazine, “Oameni care ne inspiră” (People who inspire us), 2014 edition. The director of Dacia Vehicle Plant was awarded a prize in the Management category.