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What was the evolution of Automobile Dacia turnover in 2015?

The turnover increased by 1.76% compared to 2014. In 2015, Dacia recorded a turnover of 4.3 bn. euros (19.165 million lei). 

In 2014, Dacia’s profit was on the increase. Is the tendency the same for 2015?

In 2015, the net result reached 448 million lei, with an increase of 20.43% compared to 2014. 

What has led to this increase?

Interview with Tudor Giurgiu, President, Association for the Promotion of the Romanian Movies

For six years, the month of March has brought on the red carpet, in an atmosphere more and more fastuous every year, famous names of the Romanian cinematography. When and how did the idea of this Gopo Awards Gala appeared?

Automotive News Europe, 30th of August 2011

Dacia is one of the greatest success stories in the auto industry, and Jérôme Olive assures that the impetuosity of the Renault branch continues

Olive, the general director of Dacia since 2009, has had a key-role in the successful launching of the Duster model that reached the market in April 2010. The first crossover of the brand exceeded the threshold of 70,000 sold units at the end of June.

Interview with Narcis Costache, Founding Member of the “Club Duster” Association 

How long do you have your Dacia Duster and how did you decide to make this purchase?

Interview with Anca Oreviceanu, Chief of Communication, Renault Group Romania

Born in 1979 at Slatina, Anca Oreviceanu is a graduate of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies of Bucharest, Faculty of Communication (2002). She has a 10-year experience in communication, in the public system (Authority for State Assets Recovery) and in private enterprises (Petrom, Renault Technologie Roumanie). She has been coordinating the communication of Renault Technologie Roumanie since 2007. As of March 2011 she took over the leading position in the Communication Department of the Renault Group in Romania.

Network manager since September 2010, Didier Goyens is in charge with the implementation of the commercial and quality policy in the dealers’ network, with the selling of new cars, spare parts and after sales services, as well as with the financial stability of the dealers’ network.

1)How many authorized dealerships are there currently in the country?

Dacia is currently the brand with the most numerous dealerships across the country: 99 showrooms for the selling of cars and 106 authorized garages. The network is very well represented across the country.

Alex Filip, 32, started his career as rally racing driver in 2003 with a Dacia Nova. In 2005 he raced in the first full season of Romania’s World Championship, coming second in group A 1.6. His favorite racing driver is Sebastian Loeb and his favorite rally races those from Piatra Neamt and Maramures. In January this year he tried a mass produced Dacia Duster at Covasna Winter Cup 2011 in conditions of poor road grip.

1. Some info on you and your co-driver. When did you start driving together?

The context was such that, because of personal and family reasons, Jean Detrun – the current Director of the Central Logistics Direction, started working since he was 19, just after graduating from high school. Thus, in December 1973, after concluding his military service, he got a job with Renault, at the Douai factory, within the resource department at the production management division. During more than 30 years of career at Renault, Jean Detrun had different job positions at various hierarchical levels, from a simple clerk to head of department.

Why did Renault take the decision to promote the new off-roader Dacia Duster in a very unusual competition – the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles?

Renault decided to promote this vehicle in the rally because I asked for that! I asked to take the Duster to the rally in which I participated every year…

How were you selected to drive the Duster in this race, are you a race enthusiast, or a fan of off road cars?

How much of Dacia’s success on western European markets is due to marketing and how much to the current context ?

Ever since the 2004 launch of the Logan in Western Europe, Dacia has never denied its low-cost position on the market. While Logan and Logan MCV – another original seven-place concept – are probably described as low-cost because of their designed and target customers, the arrival, in 2008, of Sandero, revolutionized Dacia once more, as a brand: not only does it offer affordable, roomy products, it also seduces by its design.

1. How much did Dacia sell during the first four months of 2009 on the Romanian market?

Cornel Manucu: Given the sharp fall of the automotive market, Dacia managed to sell 13,500 cars on the Romanian market in the first four months of 2009.

Since it was not a long-term solution for us, we indicated that, should sales not pick up in the spring of 2009, we would be forced to lay off one of the three shifts.

“It is our ambition to become Renault’s second or third Powertrain Plant in the world” Nicholas Maure, Dacia Groupe Renault Powertrain Plant Manager

N.O. What can you tell us about the Dacia Groupe Renault Powertrain Plant?
N.M. The Mechanics plant is a new entity created on September 1, 2006.

Dacia – Group Renault is fully confident in its future Jacques Daniel, Commercial Director of Dacia – Group Renault

BH: In 2006, Dacia achieved its best commercial result, with sales reaching almost 200.000 units. Could you give us some details? What are your perspectives for the years to come?
Mr. Jacques Daniel: In 2006, Dacia sold 107.777 vehicles on the Romanian market, out of which 96.044 Logan and 11.733 Pick Up.

Logan break in Octobre 2006

What will be the impact of the Logan diesel on the domestic and foreign markets?
We believe that the diesel version of Logan will be the “ace up our sleeve” both in Romania and abroad.

Logan break in Octobre 2006

What will be the impact of the Logan diesel on the domestic and foreign markets?