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Legal information

Terms and Conditions on Use of the Website

General terms on use of the website

DACIA has launched its website - " www.daciagroup.com " – to inform all interested groups with respect to the carmaker’s activities on the Romanian territory.  The use of the present website is governed by the general access and use terms hereunder (“General Terms”), as well as by the applicable law.
Accessing, browsing and using the website implies unconditional compliance with the General Terms, which prevail over any prior agreement whatsoever with DACIA, with all or some of the members of its commercial network.

General Terms

  1. Intellectual property rights
  2. Password and access codes administration
  3. Information on products and services
  4. Information on financing
  5. Commercial network
  6. Personal information and miscellaneous information
  7. Hyperlinks
  8. Limitation of liability
  9. Update on General Terms

Intellectual property rights

Author rights and/or Drawings and Industrial Models Copyrights
DACIA deems itself the author of the present website. All photographs, texts, slogans, drawing, images, sound animations or otherwise, as well as all elements integrated on the present website are DACIA property or the property of third parties as authorized by DACIA.
The car models displayed on the website are protected according to the legal regulations on author rights and connected rights, and according to regulations on protection of drawings and industrial models.
Paper or numerical reproductions on the website mentioned above, as well as reproductions of car models displayed on the website are authorized for personal use only; use of the abovementioned for advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes is forbidden, according to current legal regulations on intellectual property.
Except for the above provisions, any reproduction, display, use, partial or complete modification of the site, of various elements or car models, irrespective of the processes or supports used, without DACIA’s prior agreement, is strictly forbidden and represents infringement of copyright, punishable according to the legislation in force.

Brand rights
The DACIA brand name, the DACIA logo (the badge), the car names in DACIA’s product range, as well as the associated products and services are DACIA Registered Trademarks.
Other brands are also mentioned; they are theoretically identifiable by a capital letter. They are used by DACIA either with the owner’s agreement or as mere identification of certain products or services proposed by DACIA;
Reproduction, imitation, use or application of such brands, without DACIA’s or the concerned owner’s prior written permission represent infringement of copyright, punishable according to the legislation in force.

Passwords and access codes administration
During the registration procedure, you will choose an account name and a password.
You are the sole responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your password and account, and of any and all activities that occur under your account and/ or password. You hereby undertake to inform DACIA at once on any unauthorized use of your account and/or password and to make sure you log off when closing each session.
Under no circumstance will DACIA be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from incompliance with such obligations.

Information on products and services
The present pages are a general presentation of DACIA’s product and service range distributed in Romania.
DACIA reserves the right to modify the information displayed on the present website, especially the information referring to technical characteristics, equipments, models and prices, at any time and without prior notice, taking into account the interactive character of the site. Neither Dacia nor the members of its commercial network and its employees will be held liable for any and all such modifications.
DACIA’s commercial network offers any information on prices, available models, the latest evolutions in the range. The features of the new vehicles presented on DACIA’s website are those available at the moment the different website pages were written or updated. The prices displayed are taken from DACIA’s current price –list.

The services presented on this website are proposed to the active members of DACIA’s commercial network in Romania. The displayed prices are the maximal recommended prices.

Information on financing
The “Financing” section proposes offers and prices generally subject to conditions and to acceptance of the files by the financing institution. The information is not contractual. The registration of your personal information on the present website will under no circumstance represent a contractual commitment and will not be deemed a credit offer.
Only the signature of a prior financing offer and the submission of all the documents supporting your statements with a network member, will allow the person in charge with financing to make a final decision regarding your financing request. Given the interactive character of the website, the offers presented may vary without involving liability of the person in charge with the financing. The offers are valid only upon acceptance of the file.

The commercial network
DACIA’s commercial network will present you with any and all additional information you may require on the products and services presented on the present website. Thank you for consulting your car dealer to this purpose.
Obviously, the car dealers, as independent traders, acting on their name and account, are liable for any information whatsoever they may display on the website.

Personal information and miscellaneous information
You can visit the present website without having to reveal your identity or to give any information about yourself. The information you submit is considered non-confidential and can therefore be used and disseminated by DACIA,  by our subsidiaries and by the members of our commercial network, freely, and according to the applicable legal provisions and to the  legal provisions on banking confidentiality.
At the same time, Dacia will not be liable for information/ comments uploaded on the present website and offending public decency; Dacia furthermore reserves the right to censor such information/ comments.

Personal information
DACIA is committed to transparency and to protecting your rights. DACIA will not obtain information allowing third parties to identify you, except your agreement to present such information by filling the forms on the present website. Reporting any personal or otherwise information on yourself, in any manner whatsoever, is equivalent to your explicit and unequivocal agreement that such information be included on DACIA’s, DACIA’s subsidiaries and DACIA’s commercial network databases, for use purposes according to the legislation in force.
Your personal information may be used in commercial relations, without being made public, except for the circumstances mentioned under the law.  Based on your written request, dated and signed, sent to Automobile DACIA S.A., str. Uzinei, nr.1, Mioveni, Jud. Arges, you may freely exert the following rights:

  1. Once a year, have the confirmation that your personal information have or have not been used.
  2. Intervene on the information reported
  3. Refuse the use of your personal information for legitimate and sensible reasons related to your personal situation.

The present agreement is amended by with the other General Terms.
No commercial use, be it whole or in part, of the information received can be done without the prior written permission of DACIA, of our subsidiaries or of our commercial network, depending on situation.
The information is confidential and kept by DACIA, our subsidiaries or our commercial network.

Non- personal information
The non-personal information you may submit on your preferences, your interests, and your passions are used to create and propose products and services adapted to your tastes.
It is possible that we obtain information automatically, but not associated to a certain person whatsoever. Such information is related to the type of browser you use, to the platform on your computer and to the domain name you use to access our website.

During your visit on our website, a cookie may be placed on your computer. A cookie is a small data block sent to your browser by a web server and stored onto your computer’s hard drive. Such cookie does not allow us to identify you personally. On a general level, it allows us to get information on your browsing history on our website (pages you have accessed, date and time of access, etc) that we will be able to read on the occasion of your following visits.

Placing a hyperlink towards required prior written authorization by DACIA. Should you wish to place a hyperlink on our website, you will have to contact the person in charge with DACIA’s website.
Under no circumstance will DACIA be held liable for any and all websites available from a hyperlink placed on , nor for the content, the products, the services, etc available on such websites or resulting from such websites.

Limitation of liability
The user will access our website at his/her risk. Under no circumstance will DACIA, its subsidiaries and its commercial network, individually or together, will be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, and particularly for any material damage, for any data or programme losses, for any financial damage resulting from accessing or using the present website or all websites connected to the present website.
The content of the present website is presented with no guarantees whatsoever
The information on models, features and prices are available on the date the different pages of the present website were written or updated; the abovementioned are presented for information purposes and, therefore, will not and must not be deemed a contractual offer for products and services made and provided by DACIA, by DACIA’s subsidiaries and by DACIA’s commercial network. Errors or omissions may occur.
Access to products and services presented on the present website may be the object to restrictions. Consequently, you will make sure you are authorized to access our website under the laws of the country where you are at the moment you enter the present website.

Applicable law
The present General Terms are subject to the Romanian law. The language of General Terms is Romanian. In case of litigation, the Romanian courts will be deemed the only competent courts.

Update of the General Terms
DACIA reserves the right to change and update the access to the present website and the General Terms, at any time whatsoever. Such modifications and updates prevail on the user, who will regularly refer to the present section to check the General Terms in force.

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