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New Sandero

The New Sandero: The seduction of a compact sedan

The 5 door two-box Dacia model lives now a renewed youth. The new Sandero comes out as a sedan which offers the essential to clients.
The design reflects the polyvalency attributes which are quite original for a compact vehicle (1733 m width and 4057 m length).
In addition to its practical qualities, the new Sandero expresses a modern and dynamic personality.

The New Sandero Stepway: modern, dynamic and attractive

The New Sandero Stepway is more than a simple version of the New Sandero. As a proof for this, the development of this model was considered from the early stages of the Sandero project. Of course the New Sandero Stepway adopts all operational features of the New Sandero. However it clearly states its independence and stands out as a sedan with a robust design. It is aimed for clients looking for a vehicle with a strong personality, who wish to access the universe of crossover models.

The New Sandero Stepway is prepared for adventure due to its higher ground clearance.

The interior also reflects the specific character of the New Sandero Stepway. The embroidered tapestry with grey seams is worth while noticing.

For specific details, model configuration and prices, please visit the Dacia commercial site in your country.
Please see below the list of commercial Dacia sites.

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