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New Sandero

Dacia presents the new Sandero at the Paris Motor Show 2016

Dacia proposes a new design for one of the brand's iconic models, Sandero, with a more modern and attractive look.

On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show the new Sandero presents, as a premiere, the bright identity of Dacia brand. The front and rear light units were redesigned. The front day lights, with LED lamps, consist of four rectangular blocks displayed vertically. The rear light identity consists of an assembly of four squares.

The new Sandero also has a redesigned front bumper which gives it a more modern touch, thanks to the chrome contoured air intake grid. The front and rear bumper design emphasises the vehicle's feeling of robustness.

This aesthetic evolution is particularly visible at the new Sandero Stepway. Its front area takes over the Duster model’s stylistic code. The calender harmoniously combines black and chrome elements, with the overall picture inspiring dynamism. In the rear side the chrome exhaust pipe ornament can be noticed, which gives a feeling of robustness.

In addition the model features a new range of aluminium rims (depending on the country and model), as well as the new wheel ornaments.

The progress is also visible inside. More modern and refined polished chrome elements highlight the A/C system aerators and the contour of the central dashboard facade. The new wheel, with four arms, integrates the horn in its centre while also displaying the brand logo.

At the new Sandero Stepway the door opening handles are also chrome-plated. The upholstery inside the new Sandero Stepway stands out by the seams with a strong visual impact.

The new Sandero is available, as early as its launch, with seven engine set options, one of which is a premiere - the SCe 75 HP block (Euro6). This new 3-cylinder 1.0 l motor, which develops 75HP,  benefits from Renault expertise. It enables the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by about 10%.

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For model configuration and prices, please visit the site dacia.ro or the Dacia commercial site in your country

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