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Dacia Dokker

The name "Dokker" is derived from the English word "dockworker" which refers to the workers involved in ship loading and unloading in ports. It thus underlines the loading capacity of these two vehicles, their modularity and robustness.

Dacia Dokker is targeted for clients looking for a polyvalent vehicle to ensure at the same time the transport of large objects and comfortable family trips. It can transport 5 persons and offers the largest luggage rack volume in its segment. The lines and proportions of Dacia Dokker emphasise the generous inner space. The sliding lateral doors and asymmetrical rear doors ensure easy access to the inside.

The radiator grill design and the large light units indicate its membership to the Dacia family. The light units’ shape, which suggests modernity and technology, is part of the new Dacia visual identity, already foreshadowed by Lodgy.

For specific details, model configuration and prices, please visit the Dacia commercial site in your country.
Please see below the list of commercial Dacia sites.

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