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Did you know?

…Duster, the first Dacia SUV, was first driven in 2010 at the Gopo Awards – the most important film event in Romania?

...in order to assemble a Dacia Duster car in the assembly department of the Dacia Car Plant 2,624 parts are used, out of which 617 are specific for this model. Duster has some elements that are not to be found on other Dacia models, such as ESP, four-wheel drive, 110 dCi diesel engine and a 6-speed gearbox.

…5,100, and respectively 5,300 welding points are necessary for the assembly of a Duster 4x2/4x4 car body?

...Dacia has 23 small cafeterias?

In these cafeterias the employees from the Mechanical Plant and from the Car Assembly Plant, as well as those from the Logistic Direction and from the Oarja Spare Part Warehouse and the teams from Matrite and Presate take their meals. These small cafeterias are to be found near the workshops. Each day, in these cafeterias more than 11,500 hot meals are served for free and, for their preparation, more than 8 tons are used.

...the furthest transport destination for the Logistic Direction is New Caledonia?

…the eco² signature guarantees that the car meets 3 environmental protection criteria?

They are the following:

-       it gives off at maximum 120 CO2g/km;
-       it is manufactured in a car plant ISO 14,001 certified;
-       95% of the weight has to be recyclable at the end of car life cycle, as well as 7% of the plastic material.

…since 2000 the Mioveni industrial site has reduced by more than 50% the level of harmful emissions?